Threshold technology is an area in which ALUMASTER sets itself uncompromising goals. Functionality, aesthetics and safety are our priorities which we strive to achieve through constantly seeking for innovative solutions in the industry. The significant impact thresholds have on all parameters of doors makes them a vital component of door construction. ALUMASTER, being a system-provider, delivers comprehensive solutions in threshold technology for aluminum, PVC, wooden, and steel, single and double doors with permanent glazing or blinds opened both in- and out- wards. Thresholds offered by ALUMASTER meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. They can be used in tilt and turn constructions and balcony doors with completely unseen hinges. 0,0 mm-threshold have been designed with concern of the safety and comfort of all users, to enable everyone – both children and elderly people – to safely cross any entrance. They are often used in public utilities such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals and facilities for elderly people. As an expert in threshold sealing, Alumaster Polska offers solutions for barrier-free, magnetic and drooping threshold, as well as for sliding, glass and internal doors.

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